It’s not about ‘experience’, it’s about ‘judgement’


All the talk about Sarah Palin’s pick for VP yesterday focused on the topic of ‘experience’ and comparing her experience to (the Democratic PRESIDENTIAL nominee) Obama’s experience. That totally misses the point. Obama’s ‘experience’ reflects NOTHING on his ability to make tough choices, and decisions under fire. There is nothing in his resume that can be applauded as the perfect case study for his ability to sit ‘with no precondtions’ (or for that matter ‘with conditions’) across the table with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Sarah Palin’s experience shows that she has incredible judgement. She has proved herself exceptional capable at beating superiors, and with power players. Her judgement is built on a character that will not stand for financial mismanagement and corruption, and her judgement brought down big players. She STOOD AGAINST her own parties incumbent Governor Murkowski (who had been in power from 1981 to 2002 as Senator, and from 2002 to 2004 as Governor), AND WON. She has the character to be Thatcher who was known as the “Iron Lady’ (other female heads of state have been known by this name also).

Obama had his own opportunity to stand up to corruption in 2005. This is how it had unfolded

In August 2005, Obama nearly ran into trouble with Daley when he hedged on whether he’d support the mayor for re-election in light of the corruption investigations at City Hall.

Asked then if he planned to support the mayor or if the corruption probes might have given him pause, the senator replied, “What’s happened — some of the reports I’ve seen in your newspaper, I think, give me huge pause.”

An hour later, he called the Sun-Times saying he wanted to clarify his remarks. Obama said the mayor was “obviously going through a rough patch right now.” But he also said Chicago has “never looked better” and that “significant progress has been made on a variety of fronts.” The senator said then it was “way premature” to talk about endorsements because the mayor had not yet announced his candidacy.

Daley didn’t hold a grudge against Obama. He reportedly concluded that the freshman senator had been trapped by a loaded question.

Source: Chicago Sun Time Website: Obama endorses Daley

The freshman senator didn’t pass the grade then. His leadership as Illinois senator was flacid. Has he in the interim learned courage to stand on his beliefs and convictions to be a freshman President?

Oh, courage is a CHARACTER trait, and not learned. Sorry.

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4 Responses to “It’s not about ‘experience’, it’s about ‘judgement’”

  1. 1 annemprice

    She’s under investigation for abuse of power.

    I’d say that only makes her a typical Republican with bad character and worse judgment.

  2. 2 sadimtouch

    annemprice said…

    “She’s under investigation for abuse of power.”

    You think that McCain would actually have nominated her if this had not been scrutinized during the vetting? McCain is not a freshman.

    There is absolutely no substance to the investigation. Now let’s talk about Rezko…

    8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko –,CST-NWS-watchdog24.article

  3. 3 Republican In Dispair

    Just in poking around the internet and talking to some political buddies, it is clear that they DIDN’T do a good job of vetting her.

    She has made few large decisions, and so far the ones she has gotten coverage for show poor judgment and little experience with life away from the tundra. Watch for the local Alaska press to run a couple of investigative pieces they have been working on for the last six months or so and were set to publish in September anyway. It could be very bad.

    Also according to my Republican friends in Alaska politics, Palin, who has been under investigation for months, is likely to be recommended for prosecution for abuse of power in October. It will happen for three reasons: (1) She did it, acting illegally if understandably. (2) the Dems in Alaska only tolerate her because she threw a monkey wrench into Republican politics, sending us into disarray there, but there is no bi-partisan love-fest in Alaska and (3) the investigation is being pushed by powerful Republican interests (some of the same folks she says she took on) who are hell bent for revenge and don’t care if they derail McCain.

    In 18 months as Governor she’s had the chance to capitalize on public opinion and get elected on a “throw the bums out” agenda. She hasn’t had enough executive experience to be really tested, and I fear her performance on the rest of the campaign. There is no way McCain campaign COULD have vetted her. Set her up to be the VP for 2012, yes. Helped her in Alaska to build a stunning unbeatable record? Yes. But there wasn’t enough to review to properly clear her!

    Worse, she hasn’t been in office long enough for her weaknesses and errors to surface — but you can bet the next 60 days are going to be a living hell for this lady and her family. Heck, her husband isn’t even a Republican, and her mother in law is giving interviews to national media saying that *she* won’t vote for her.

    I am afraid John McCain HAS gotten too old, and his advisers have not served him. This is not a hail Mary choice; a hail Mary is a long shot, but has to have some chance of working. This is a flailing, futile gesture of a campaign plunging to its own death. A foolish, selfish poke at the party by a frustrated McCain that has only accelerated our party’s fall from any semblance of creditability.

    Fortunately, we will look back on this election in a decade as the moment when the conservative movement fell completely apart and the rebuilding began. I can’t vote for Obama, for reasons I won’t go into. But no rational person, not even a lifelong conservative, a registered Republican like myself, can make the case for McCain anymore.

    This election is over.

    I don’t know if I will just skip the presidential vote, or just skip voting for the first time in my life, but McCain/Palin is no choice for a law-abiding Republican. That will become shockingly clear, I fear, by October.

  4. 4 sadimtouch

    I could not disagree with you more. You wrote this comment before the convention I see, so maybe now you have adjusted your view… maybe not.

    The issues in Alaska are not as serious as you make out, and we will come to find that they were all being trumped up to bring some of her approval rating down. These accusations will be shown to be precisely political in nature.

    You are totally discounting John McCain’s astuteness as a politician. If this is the type of downplaying the democrats will enact over the coming months, they will be steamrolled by a far weightier opponent than they give credit for.

    Like I said: McCain is no freshman.

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