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In the last two days I have been reading up on a story I first read about at American Thinker titled, “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.” The title of this article caught my attention, and as I read it, I was immediately struck by a sense of confirmation. Confirmation that the thoughts […]

Important update: The comments in this post reflect my reaction to the content of the Washington post article released in the wee hours of Sunday morning. HotAir has a good fact check and should be referred to for detail of the bill as it stands. Some of the points discussed here, are irrelevant since they […]

A report by Bloomberg, has a startling statement made by the House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey. When asked about the budget bill that was rammed through the house with little or no public discussion, and whether it had been secretive, he had this to say. `You’re damn right it has because if it’s done […]

John McCain mentioned in the debate tonight the website Citizens Against Government Waste. This is a great resource for people wanting to dig up these spending earmarks that have been buried in bills here and there. They release a summary of pork barrel earmarks, in the form of a book (or download), which is very […]

(see update at end of post) Lindsey Graham in his interview with Greta on Fox, stated that part of the proposal was for 20% of the bailout money was to go to ACORN! This money handout is obviously in response to ACORN’s lobbying efforts this week. They have been begging for it. (ht to Excuse […]

Events through 2007, involving democratic opinion on Fannie and Freddie regulation is outlined well by Larry Johnson in his posting, “Foxes Guarding the HenHouse? The Actions of Barney Frank, Charles Schummer, and Chris Dodd.”

This bailout plan is being sold as an in vestment that we will recoup our money on. Maybe this is true, but does it fail to solve the root issues, and does it build new bloated bureaucracies? I think so. Maybe we will see these ‘investments’ turn a profit, but this is too big a […]

Pew Research put out a poll that is very poorly written. I can do better

To be perfectly honest, I am at a loss to understand whether this bailout plan is a good idea or not. I listened to Jason Lewis on radio this evening, and I am left wondering what we are rushing into – and I realized that that is exactly what I detest about this plan. The […]

Harry Reid steps up to help out Barack Obama, who does not want to present his plan for ‘rescuing’ the financial sector.