Still more on Gianna Jessen


Previous posts on Gianna Jessen…

More on Gianna Jessen…

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen speaks out against Obama

An extended page bio of Gianna Jessen’s life – Gianna Jessen’s Story

The biography of Gianna Jessen is available at Amazon. Simply titled Gianna. Gianna also has autographed copies available through her website.

The website has been updating the “In The News” pages, and now contains a wealth of articles covering the release of Gianna’s media ad, and related stories. This would be the best index to find out what is going on.

Not sure if I missed this before, but the site also has a copy of Gianna’s birth medical information sheet. It states, “Born during Saline Abortion.” The same record appears on Jill Stanek’s website, as well as Gianna’s Birth Certificate that shows the name of the abortionist, who would have killed her during delivery, Edward C. Allred. His profile is startling as spelled out on this website. Jill Stanek reveals how, “Politico’s Jonathan Martin called Gianna Jessen a “self-proclaimed abortion-survivor,” and ABC’s Jake Tapper said Gianna “claims” to have survived an abortion.” She notes in an update that both these media figures have updated their statements.

There is a Wikipedia article.

Some more blogs on Gianna, her ad etc…

Gianna Jessen: Abortion Attempt Survivor introducing Gianna Jessen, the first abortion survivor to be featured in new television ad.

Real Choice argues for the media to explore the aforementioned Edward C. Allred and his “assembly-line abortion”, Where the press could be going with the Gianna Jessen ads. I would love to see that!

Wizbang has some interesting comment, Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen schools Barack Obama

Fetuses With Attitude

One Response to “Still more on Gianna Jessen”

  1. 1 Denise

    so, wonderful to read the powerful stories – my baby, Hope Marie, didn’t survive the abortion, but she has been praying for me when I didn’t care about myself.

    God bless all of you for you most powerful testimony.


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