Biden’s mouth… again.


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Biden’s mouth doesn’t know what Obama’s is saying

Unless you missed it, a recent interview of Biden shows him stating his dislike for Obama’s (yes his running mates, that was not a typo) ad criticizing McCain for his inability to use email.

Couric asked: “Are you disappointed with the tone of the campaign? The ‘lipstick on the pig’ stuff, and some of the ads – you guys haven’t been completely guilt-free making fun of John McCain’s inability to use a computer.”

“I thought that was terrible by the way,” Biden said.

“Why did you do it then?” Couric asked.

“I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it,” Biden said. “And I don’t think Barack, you know. I just think that was …”

Did Obama approve that ad?

“The answer is I don’t think there was anything intentional about that,” Biden said. “They were trying to make another point.

Which is the real face of this campaign? Do we believe one or the other? What on earth would the white house be like with these guys as number one and two?

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