Biden’s mouth doesn’t know what Obama’s is saying


Previously I had written about how Obama doesn’t seem to have control of his campaign staff, and how this could serve to be a recipe for disaster in his presidency. Well it gets worse. Obama’s VP pick Joe Biden is renowned for putting his foot in his mouth, and over the recent days, he has shown he has little knowledge of policy stances of his running mate. Listen to these statements…

transcript (taken from Huffington post) emphasis is mine

AUWAERTER: Senator, Senator, wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio, so why are you supporting clean coal?

BIDEN: Say that again? I didn’t hear what you said.

AUWAERTER: Wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio, so why are you supporting clean coal?

BIDEN: We’re not supporting “clean coal.” Guess what. China’s building two every week. Two dirty coal plants. And it’s polluting the United States. It’s causing people to die.

AUWAERTER: So will you support wind and solar?

BIDEN: Absolutely. Before anybody did. The first guy to introduce a global warming bill is me, 22 years ago. The first guy to support solar energy is me, 26 years ago. It came out of Delaware. But guess what. China is burning three hundred years of bad coal unless we figure out how to clean their coal up. Because it’s going to ruin your lungs and there’s nothing we can do about it. No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they’re going to build them over there make ’em clean because they’re killing you.

These statement’s contrast directly with the campaign’s official policy.

Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology.
Obama’s Department of Energy will enter into public private partnerships to develop five “first-of-a-kind” commercial scale coal-fired plants with clean carbon capture and sequestration technology.

Obviously the campaign has gone into damage control, but is showing uncomfortable squirming in trying to spin Biden’s comments.

“Senator McCain knows that Senator Obama and Senator Biden support clean coal technology,” says Biden spokesman David Wade. “Senator Biden’s point is that China is building coal plants with outdated technology every day, and the United States needs to lead by developing clean coal technologies. The Obama-Biden comprehensive energy plan will invest $150 billion over 10 years in clean energy technologies, including incentives to accelerate private sector investment in commercial scale zero-carbon coal facilities. The Obama-Biden Department of Energy is committed to developing 5 ‘first-of-a-kind’ commercial scale coal-fired plants with carbon capture and sequestration here in the United States.”

Well yes, we can all go on to your website and read your policy. The question is did Biden get the memo to go to his running mate’s website and read it for himself?

The problem with their campaign is that consistency of their message is all screwed up. Which mouth do we listen to? It is true that Obama can afford to put forward opposing statements, as many Democrats are willing to project there own hopes onto the Democratic campaigners, believing what they want to. So people can believe whichever policy line they fancy, even when presented with the direct contradiction. Are they mixing their message for political expediency? Did Biden lie to Auwaerter, simply to appease her because he wanted her to feel that he was “on her side”? That will not matter, even though at the bottom of it all, is a lie that the Obama campaign cannot spin no matter how they try. Their followers will dismiss the ‘gaffe’ and cast their vote thinking they will get THEIR man.

An interesting excerpt from the book MEET THE NEXT PRESIDENT by Bill Samon discusses the comment by Barack Obama in his 2006 memoir, The Audacity of Hope, likening Obama to the ‘ultimate Rorschach test’. (What is a Rorschach test?)

“I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views”

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15 Responses to “Biden’s mouth doesn’t know what Obama’s is saying”

  1. Question — why in the world does Senator Biden continue to overdemonstrate his affinity for gaffes? He needs to mute himself … for his own well-being.

  2. 2 shivani

    This is what you get when you dont read all your answers from a “Script” and speak your mind! Oh I forgot thats not what they do in Replublican party!!

  3. Listening to Barack H. Obama’s response to a potential voter’s requests I am reminded of a child sitting on a Xmas Santa Claus’s lap at a retail mall. “Tell Santa what you want for Xmas little one and Santa will see to it that you get it all”.
    Just like these Santas, Obama will tell you what you want to hear because he does not have to pay for any of it. You and your family will get the bill for all that this Santa promises in the form of the tax increases Obama tags them with! Just remember that if this Santa gets his way then come January 2009 all of us will have to foot these extra bills. The only winners will be the new hires needed to fill the federal government jobs created by the gigantic new agencies that he will build to deliver his promised gifts.

  4. 4 Long

    If Obama cannot control his campaign staff, how can he lead the world? Should it be Biden/Obama instead of Obama/Biden? Obama simply does not understand it, and is so naive.

  5. 5 Rivi

    Clean coal is a myth. Commercial grade clean coal power plants is not possible until 2025.

    The industry’s proposal to wash coal and/or capture the carbondioxide does not prevent the gases from being emitted. It just transfers the problem. The gas is still emitted when coal is burnt.

    As usuals lobbysts from the coal industry are strong and politicians treat the american public as totally ignorant when it comes to these topics. This is another one of those disasters that is part of the Bush adminsitration’s legacy. They continually refused to limit or participate in the global warming scenario.

    Senator Biden’s opposition to coal is correct, if you are a person concerned about global warming and the damage it does to all including you.

  6. 6 Theresa Hackett

    In reguard to the BIDEN and AUWAERTER conversation, Biden was asked about Clean Coal. Biden proved he needs his campaign staff to present their ideas because when he presents his own ideas it is clear those ideas don’t make sense. For example: Biden did say, “We’re not supporting “clean coal.” His campaign had to correct his ignorance. When they corrected him they basically proved he is a loose cannon who will say anything that pops into his head. If Biden doesn’t make sense in a conversation how can he make sense as a VP. Clean Coal and Energy in general are topics that are on the top of the list of important issues in this campaign. Bidden is not on top of his politics he is in the swamp, caught in a bog and can’t get out.

  7. 7 intelekshual

    I’m not a big fan of clean coal myself.

    However. Seriously? Seriously, this is the best you people can come up with on Biden, that he seems to disagree with Obama on clean coal? Whew, yeah. You’re right, Biden not reading from a position-o-prompter sure does indicate an inability on Obama’s part to control his campaign staff. Woo-eeeee!

  8. 9 goodtimepolitics

    The problem is Obama does not agree with using coal and or drilling and now he’s trying to say he does…welll Biden has not got the word that Obama keeps changing his stand on issues just to get votes. Obama has made the statement a few times now “Biden should have waited” waited for what Obama, until after you’re elected to say what he’s saying?

  9. 10 Eric

    Senator Biden´s replies sounded to me like the double-speak that I hear coming from many politicians. He tells the young lady that he does not support clean coal, but then his following comments about coal are all indicative that he opposes power generation using conventional (dirty) coal burning means and indeed supports clean coal. He has these moments a bit much for my taste. I´m rather glad that he will debate Gov Palin rather than Sen Lieberman (sp?); who would have been a much better choice for VP.

  10. 11 cindy

    Dont know who is worse? Always when asked about any topic seems that Obama or Biden somehow are confused and make up words in sentences. It seems as though they drift in thought. Seems to me one is inexperienced and the other is very experienced and still they both seem to mess up! And whats even worse is the American people don’t see it!

  11. 12 gcedwards

    There are two kinds of idiots.

    Idiots that refuse to admit when they are wrong and make mistakes,

    And idiots that admit their mistakes and errors.

    I can live with the latter. I abhor the first!

    Biden is a good dude, not perfect, but a good dude! Always ready to admit his mistakes.

    One must keep in mind the role Biden must play in this campaign. He has to be in the crowds talking to hundreds of people daily. Sometimes it is hard to hear and comprehend questions, but answers must be given swiftly. One has to be tremendously gifted to do this effectively.

  12. 13 Jeff

    A political whore at his finest.

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