More educational documentary films on Born Alive, and abortion


My previous post (Born Alive Documentary video on Youtube) highlighted the documentary video “Obama And Infanticide – Part 1 – 45 Minutes / Documentary Video / Why Was There The Need For The Born Alive Infants Protection Act?

The same website has numerous more videos on this issue, as well as a part 2 to Obama and Infanticide. This video outlines exactly what happened in the Illinois Senate, and Obama’s votes against the BAIPA. It covers SB1093, 1094 and 1095.

Another video discusses Obama’s pledge to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act”, which shows his true beliefs about abortion. This law would undo many of the pro-life gains and would be damaging to the future battle against the abortion.

There is a video directed towards Catholics. It starts with the whole “Freedom of Choice Act” video segment just mentioned. It then goes into a longer presentation of the Catholic stance on abortion.

Another video reveals Obama’s misstatement about abortion rates increasing during George Bush’s tenure. This is quite a long video presenting numerous press conferences given by President Bush during his time in office.

This video discusses Barack Obama’s “above my pay grade” statement at Saddleback. Some light humor, and good insight.

These next three videos dealing with Planned Parenthood, implies that there is a racial undertone to their abortion clinics.

The taxes of hard working Black Americans help fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who once visited and gave a speech to the Ku Klux Klan and also created her famous “Negro Project” in 1939.”

The second video covers a rally by Defund Planned Parenthood.

The third video covers Margaret Sanger’s racism and statements about exterminating African Americans.

The website is very informative for any pro-lifer, and will no doubt upset the sensibilities of the pro-abortionist.

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