Obama spends 3 days preparing for a debate that may be postponed


John McCain today announced a suspension of his campaign, inviting Obama to join him back in Washington to debate the bailout plans for Wall Street. He has requested a postponement of the debate that was to occur with Obama on Friday night. This comes as Obama has been preparing intensely for three days in Florida for this debate appearance.

I imagine this would send Obama crazy!

Read Mcain’s announcement here…

Transcript: John McCain’s Campaign Suspension Speech

Reading some of the comments out there about where McCain’s gain is in taking this action, I would argue that seeking the postponement he wins either way with Obama. If Obama accepted the challenge, McCain took the lead. If Obama does not, McCain instills a sense that he is unprepared for Friday (in some diehard liberal minds), and therefore lowering expectations for his performance. McCain is fully prepared to take Obama on, and so when he steamrolls Obama in the debate, the debate win will have greater effect.

My guess is that the debate will proceed as originally planned, McCain will not comment too much on Obama’s decline, and Palin or McCain surrogate’s will mercilessly berate Obama.

More comment…

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8 Responses to “Obama spends 3 days preparing for a debate that may be postponed”

  1. The McCain camp did say that if the bailout passes they’ll go through with the debate as scheduled.

  2. 2 mcnorman

    Obama has to study. Some light to help us endure the darkness. http://quipster.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/cramming-for-the-test/

  3. 3 democratsarefascists

    Unfortunately, this is not going to make any difference.
    All it means is that Obama now has a week to wean himself off the TelePrompTer.

    You have to realize, Obamuuuhhhh could get up there, mumble, forget his lines and ramble the entire time, confess that he’s a Communist anti-Semite and his fascist disciples in the press would laud him as the new Cicero.

  4. 4 sadimtouch

    democratsarefascists > The press will do that, but the whole thing is watched by the public. If the press story doesn’t gel with what the public sees on screen then the press becomes even more irrelevant. I hope they do that.

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