Lindsey Graham says Democrats wanted to handover 20% of the funds to ACORN???!!! What the…?


(see update at end of post)

Lindsey Graham in his interview with Greta on Fox, stated that part of the proposal was for 20% of the bailout money was to go to ACORN!

This money handout is obviously in response to ACORN’s lobbying efforts this week. They have been begging for it. (ht to Excuse Me For Kickin)

If this is accurate, and not a misspoken error, the Democrats have dropped a bomb on themselves. This is a big mistake for them, because up until this point in the campaign they have managed to avoid the ACORN connection with, “voter fraud, embezzlement, and misuses of taxpayer funds, ACORN’s pattern of fraud can no longer be dismissed as a series of ‘unfortunate events.’” They didn’t get the memo that there is an investigation going on, that looks ugly and smells ugly. For them to carve out this level of funding in this hastily cobbled together proposal is remarkable for showing that the Democrats exhibit enormous arrogance in thinking the public will not care, and secondly that they are totally unaware that there is a moral issue in inflating this bill unnecessarily at a time like this (or EVER!), never mind that it is going to an organization that has possible rampant corruption.

Oh, and how about the fact that Obama was an attorney for ACORN… (read here also)

Barack Obama was once the Attorney for ACORN. While Obama was Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the CAC provided funds for ACORN’s Voter Registration Activities. Obama provided training to ACORN workers who are frequently misrepresented as “Volunteers” – ACORN pays for its Voter Registration Activities. ACORN, which receives partial taxpayer funding, uses those funds to conduct solicitations for contributions to Political Campaigns. In Philadelphia alone ACORN has raised over $800,000 Dollars for Barack Obama’s Campaign.

(Update) An aside…

Anne Schroeder Mullins writes

Obama, headphones, baseball hat, hitting the gym. Spotted working out this a.m. at the Washington Sports Club, near Adams Morgan/Kalorama, from 7:30a – 8:20a.

Stay tuned for more gym/Obama news…

So we get another picture of what is important to him.


Ed Morrisey has text of the relevant ACORN section of the bill. The proposal has 20 percent of money out of the profits of the sale of these mortgages was to go to these cheap housing projects of ACORN. Let’s take the money and bloat welfare with it huh?

Also, the Wall Street Journal has a piece on ACORN today.

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7 Responses to “Lindsey Graham says Democrats wanted to handover 20% of the funds to ACORN???!!! What the…?”

  1. 1 goodtimepolitics

    That shows how corrupted Obama and the democratic party is and they claim its the republicans alone that are corrupt! I say maybe the democrats better look in the mirror before accusing anyone of anything! Good information post! Thanks!

  2. 2 MJ

    Thank you for the information that is needed to bring this out into the open. People are blindly being led and not given this information.

  2. 2 NetRight Nation
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