Cloward-Piven Strategy – the Left and Obama’s attempts to destroy America


In the last two days I have been reading up on a story I first read about at American Thinker titled, “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.” The title of this article caught my attention, and as I read it, I was immediately struck by a sense of confirmation. Confirmation that the thoughts I had had about this election cycle were true. You see, this article asserts that Obama is involved in a deliberate strategy to destroy American society.

Well, now that all of those who instantly said, “Conspiracy nutjob! cuckoo!” have left my site, let me direct you firstly to read the article above, as well as the article, “Cloward-Piven Strategy” before reading my comments that follow.

For months those of us who listen to talk radio have been hearing of the connection that Barack Obama has with Bill Ayers at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Ayers as we know has advocated unapologetically for the destruction of capitalism and becoming a socialist state. We have heard of the connections Obama has with ACORN, that he was a lawyer for them. We know that he was a “community organizer agitator” working with churches in Chicago.

Let’s outline in brief what we know about him, and then you decide whether you see as clearly as I do, that Obama is a Manchurian candidate. The main source is Discover The Networks – Barack’s World page, and I have also added other figures and connections as I have come across them. The summaries are mostly my take on their content. Everyone should read these sources thoroughly to fully appreciate the depth of the connections.

UPDATE: Since starting this post, the page had become so long that it was no longer a quick page load. I have split it into six separate pages so that load times are shorter…

  1. Introduction, and Radical and Socialist Influences
  2. Political Allies and Advisors
  3. Religious Affiliations
  4. Organizational Affiliations
  5. Academic Affiliations, and Foundations
  6. Money Scandals and Family

Radical and Socialist Influences:

Frank Marshall Davis

Read: p1, p2 – was a known member of the Soviet controlled Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA). Davis became a mentor and advisor for Barack Obama through the 1970’s until at least when he left for college in 1979.

  • Bill O’Reilly’s interview of David Freddoso

Saul Alinsky

Read: p1, p2 – never personally met as Obama was a young boy when he died , but trained in the Alinsky model. This model aims to bring about a revolution to bring about a Marxist society through slow methodical change in institutions. Obama lead workshops to train people in the Alinsky model.

Harold Washington

Read: p1 – was major of Chicago. Washington was responsible for stacking the public service of Chicago with numerous card carrying communists and marxists. It is highly likely that Washington was also a member of the Communist Party USA in secret. Washington was associated with the Democratic Socialists of America also. One of the inspirations for Obama coming to Chicago has been said to be Washington.

Bill Ayers

Read: p1, p2 – leader of terrorist organization Weatherman, formerly Students for a Democratic Society (both sought the downfall of democracy and capitalism. Ayers launched Obama’s political career for his Illinois senate campaign in his own private home. Ayers was also a campaign contributor in 1996. Both Ayers and Obama served together on the boards of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Fund of Chicago. This year Obama pronounced Ayers as a respectable member of mainstream society. Obama has made the claim that he was merely 8 years old when the bombings took place, however this is inaccurate. The most recent attacks took place in the 1980’s at a time when Obama and Bill Ayers were at Columbia University.

  • Some audio of his opinions can be found at Powerline – The Friends of Barack Obama, Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Sean Hannity special (covers Farrakhan, Ayers, and Al-Monsour)
  • Second video from Sean Hannity special
  • Obama’s Friends

    Bernardine Dohrn

    Read: p1, p2 – wife of Bill Ayers (see above) and a co-leader of the Weatherman terrorist cult. Some audio of her opinions can be found at Powerline, as well as her ‘declaration of war’ from 1970, part of which she said to “guard your children” – The Friends of Barack Obama, Part 1 and Part 2. Dohrn and Ayers launched Obama’s political career in their private home.

    Khalid Al-Mansour

    Read: p1 is a Black Muslim and Black Nationalist who was a “mentor” to the founders of the Black Panther party at the time the party was founded in the early 1960s.” Furthermore this Al-Mansour is described, “as advisor to “one of the world’s richest men,” Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal.”

    Here is video of Percy Sutton discussing the connection between Obama and Al-Mansour.

  • Sean Hannity special
  • Carl Davidson

    Read: p1, p2 – personally aims to transform the US into a socialist nation, through systematic change. He was a very prominent figure in Chicago’s socialist circles. Obama and Carl Davidson met through the Chicago chapter of the New Party, a Marxist organization focused on endorsing and electing public officials. New Zeal writes that “Davidson serves on the steering committee of the communist dominated US peace umbrella organisation, United for Peace & Justice and is co-chair of the equally radical Chicagoans Against War & Injustice.” Carl Davidson is close enough to Obama, to have visited him in his home. Obama SOUGHT the endorsement of the New Party, and Carl Davidson became an avid supporter of Obama.

    Carol Moseley Braun

    Read: p1 – ran for the US Senate in 1992. she was a member of the CPUSA. Obama endorsed her, and helped her in her campaign.

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Read: p1, p2 – the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International, that has stated that “many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed“. Obama was endorsed in his Illinois Senate race by DSA. Obama has also been endorsed by numerous DSA members in this presidential campaign: Henry Bayer, Tom Balanoff, Henry Tamarin, Barbara Lee among them. Obama eulogized long-time socialist Saul Mendelson. Obama also campaigned for openly socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in his 2006 campaign.

    Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA)

    Read: p1 – is the leading communist group in the US. Members include/d Frank Marshall Davis, Carol Moseley Braun, Joyce Wheeler, and Tim Wheeler. Obama has received the endorsements of many CPUSA member’s among them are: Terrie Albano, Pepe Lozano, Norman Markowitz (see article discussing Markowitz article that highlights Obama’s socialist ideals here), Rosalio Munoz, Xavier Becerra.

    Gamaliel Foundation

    Read: p1, p2 – trains activists in techniques and methodologies for effectively bringing about social change. It is modeled on the principles of Saul Alinsky. GF is a rabid advocate for illegal immigrants. Obama was at one time employed by GF.

    New Party

    Read: p1, p2 – founded to endorse and elect leftist public officials. That stated purpose was to move the democratic party to the left, eventuating in the rise of a Marxist third party. Obama sought and received the endorsement of the New Party in his 1996 Illinois Senate race. Obama enlisted the New Party for his task forces on voter education and voter registration. He also used a number of New Party volunteers for his campaign.

    Socialist Scholars Conference

    Read: p1, p2 – these were conferences held at Cooper Union, a private college. These conferences “featured the elite of socialist academia as well as union activists, political revolutionaries, reformers, and opponents of “corporate greed.” including “members of the Communist Party USA and its offshoot, the Committees of Correspondence, as well as Maoists, Trotsyists, black radicals”. While at Columbia, Obama attended a number of these conferences.

    Continued in Separate parts…

    1. Introduction, and Radical and Socialist Influences
    2. Political Allies and Advisors
    3. Religious Affiliations
    4. Organizational Affiliations
    5. Academic Affiliations, and Foundations
    6. Money Scandals and Family

    Others who have written on this subject…

    Obama, the Mortgage Mess, and the Cloward-Piven Strategy

    About Barack Obama

    A MUST READ: The Cloward-Piven Strategy and Obama’s Role

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy: Part I Jim Simpson’s first (?) take on this article

    The Cloward-Piven Candidate? this author is not so sure that Obama is knowingly a “Cloward-Piven Candidate”. Saul Alinsky’s theories I believe at least echo the intent of Cloward-Piven, and Obama is a Alinksy disciple and teacher. I do not think it matters in the end, since he is surrounded by so many individuals and organizations that are fully committed to the Cloward-Piven strategy, and Obama absorbs gladly their advice and direction.

    Obama, Manufactured Crises, & The Cloward-Piven Strategy

    Cloward-Piven – has some discussion

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis – raise some questions we all wish we had the answers to…

    ClowardPiven, Obama And The Fall Of America

    Barack Obama — The Most Radical Leftist To Ever Get This Close To Occupying The White House?

    The Bailout: Three words (w/podcast)

    Newsmax article – from August – Obama, Voter Fraud & Mortgage Meltdown

    American Thinker: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

    So many dots! So little time!

    So much disinformation, so little time

    Obama And ACORN – ‘It’s A Power Thing’

    14 Responses to “Cloward-Piven Strategy – the Left and Obama’s attempts to destroy America”

    1. 1 rscme

      Whew! Thank god someone who finally speaks the truth. For a minute there I thought you were a misguided alarmist.

    2. 2 Sarah

      Thanks for posting all the info, it’s almost overwhelming – – and extremely sobering…. and they haven’t a clue the type of “change” they’re asking for…

    3. Nice job of summarizing the radical ties to Obama.
      I have linked to this piece in my blog.
      Thanks for the link to mine!

      Keep up the work!

    4. 4 Cynical

      Wow – if only you could figure out how to get this information out to the country since obviously the media wouldn’t report on such things and in fact is probably hiding all of it. I think many Obama lovers out there might think twice if they knew all this.

    5. 5 cschande

      Great post! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

      I’ve just started a new blog that will be highlighting the dangerous advances of the secular progressive movement (pro-gay “rights”, pro-abortion, anti-religious freedoms, etc). Unfortunately, most Christians still don’t know what’s going on out there and the mainstream media certainly isn’t covering it.

      We’re looking to build a solid group of social conservatives who’ll frequent our site regularly and contribute to some good discussions. I hope you’ll check us out!

      If you’ll add us to your blogroll we’ll gladly add you to ours. Just drop us a comment over at our blog so that we’ll know to add you. Our blog is called Religion and Morality.


    6. This is by far the most complete documentation of Barack Obama’s ties to Marxism I have yet found. Excellent work, and I intend to link extensively to this article at The Minority Report. For a little deeper look at Ayers read especially the link near the end of Ayers speech in Venezuela in 2006. His aim as a “respected academician” is to use education to bring about revolution.

      “I walked out of jail and into my first teaching position—and from that day until this I’ve thought of myself as a teacher, but I’ve also understood teaching as a project intimately connected with social justice.


      Totalitarianism demands obedience and conformity, hierarchy, command and control. Royalty requires allegiance. Capitalism promotes racism and militarism – turning people into consumers, not citizens. Participatory democracy, by contrast, requires free people coming together voluntarily as equals who are capable of both self-realization and, at the same time, full participation in a shared political and economic life.”

    7. 7 Kim

      People who had bothered to do their homework before the election already knew all of this and chose NOT to vote for Obama. The other idiots who couldn’t take the time out of their busy schedules to read some of this before voting, voted for Obama looking for “change”. Sadly, because they were to lazy to read and because they were too stupid to listen, they forever changed their country. Their children will not live in the same country they had the privilege to live in. They sealed that fate for their own children because of their laziness and idiocy. Now, we’ll all suffer this “change” together. Unfortunately, too many freedoms that our Forefathers sacrificed their lives for, will be lost. How they can even sleep at night, knowing what they did, is beyond comprehension.

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