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John McCain today announced a suspension of his campaign, inviting Obama to join him back in Washington to debate the bailout plans for Wall Street. He has requested a postponement of the debate that was to occur with Obama on Friday night. This comes as Obama has been preparing intensely for three days in Florida […]

…I couldn’t finish watching it. I never want to see the death of an innocent, and I could tell where the video was going. This is a classic pro-life video that should be watched by every pro-choice person. When the baby inside the womb makes ‘purposeful’ attempts to escape the suction implement of the doctor, […]

An old story about Obama being connected to Muslim Khalid Al-Mansour has reared again. It was thought to have been discounted as a fabrication, but now new research is supporting the connection. There is a great deal to this story.

This Youtube poster, has provided an awesome wealth of educational videos covering Obama’s role in the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, to the Catholic church’s stance, and to racial undertones of planned parenthood.

A video documentary covering the issue of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act is highly informative, and a must see for anyone wanting to understand pro-life arguments in greater depth.

Previous article on this subject: Biden’s mouth doesn’t know what Obama’s is saying Unless you missed it, a recent interview of Biden shows him stating his dislike for Obama’s (yes his running mates, that was not a typo) ad criticizing McCain for his inability to use email. Couric asked: “Are you disappointed with the tone of […]

Biden and Obama are at odds on the issue of clean coal power plants. At least if you believe his rope line answer to an environmentalist’s question. Was he simply lieling to keep this lady on side. This reveals a deeper concern with the Democratic campaign, that is what are we meant to believe with their policy platform?

Barack Obama argued on the floor of the Senate on April 4, 2002, that he had confidence in the abortionist providing life saving treatment to babies that are born alive, even though they were responsible for killing that baby in the womb. This argument is completely disingenuous and smells of protectionism of the abortion industry that is known for being a lucrative and powerful lobbying industry.

Previous posts on Gianna Jessen… More on Gianna Jessen… Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen speaks out against Obama An extended page bio of Gianna Jessen’s life – Gianna Jessen’s Story The biography of Gianna Jessen is available at Amazon. Simply titled Gianna. Gianna also has autographed copies available through her website. The website has been […]

Listing of Gianna Jessen video clips for those interested in hearing her story.