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A report by Bloomberg, has a startling statement made by the House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey. When asked about the budget bill that was rammed through the house with little or no public discussion, and whether it had been secretive, he had this to say. `You’re damn right it has because if it’s done […]

John McCain mentioned in the debate tonight the website Citizens Against Government Waste. This is a great resource for people wanting to dig up these spending earmarks that have been buried in bills here and there. They release a summary of pork barrel earmarks, in the form of a book (or download), which is very […]

So another disaster in New Orleans not happening because hurricane Gustav went 30 miles to the west and not directly overhead, everybody can go back to rebuilding. Why is there no-one asking the question why? Simple stubbornness cannot explain it surely. The truth is that any risk of future disasters will be canceled out by […]