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Harry Reid steps up to help out Barack Obama, who does not want to present his plan for ‘rescuing’ the financial sector.

An old story about Obama being connected to Muslim Khalid Al-Mansour has reared again. It was thought to have been discounted as a fabrication, but now new research is supporting the connection. There is a great deal to this story.

Previous article on this subject: Biden’s mouth doesn’t know what Obama’s is saying Unless you missed it, a recent interview of Biden shows him stating his dislike for Obama’s (yes his running mates, that was not a typo) ad criticizing McCain for his inability to use email. Couric asked: “Are you disappointed with the tone of […]

Biden and Obama are at odds on the issue of clean coal power plants. At least if you believe his rope line answer to an environmentalist’s question. Was he simply lieling to keep this lady on side. This reveals a deeper concern with the Democratic campaign, that is what are we meant to believe with their policy platform?

The ‘off-the-cuff’ comment made by Barack Obama yesterday about pig’s with lipstick is another example of the danger we face if he is elected President. It displays a lack of control.